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Cumberland Truck Parts / Harvey's Supply Co. offer promotions on quality brand name parts, fasteners and accessories. Check back often as promotional items tend to move fast and may have limited quantities available!
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Electronics Flyer This flyer features our most popular Panasonic HD radios: an HD CD Player and a new Mechless HD Radio (with up to $165 in SiriusXM savings available), both with integrated bluetooth, Cobra CB Radios and various CB accessories! Panasonic, Cobra, Gear Keeper, Wilson 6/30/21
Clear Grote Terminals Flyer This flyer features special pricing on our brand new assortment, ASST-3525, which is comprised of our most popular heat shrink terminal types with Grote's new CRYSTAL CLEAR heat shrink tubing! The flyer also includes special pricing on a butane torch. The bottom half of the flyer contains a list-out of all the terminals / connectors Grote offers with their new CRYSTAL CLEAR heat shrink tubing. Grote, Solder-It 6/30/21
Safety Glasses Required This flyer features a wide assortment of safety glasses! Choose from a variety of frame and lens styles and colors including Inhibitor (clear or smoke), Octane (black or camo), Annie (pink camo), Nemesis (black), Commandos (back), HyperShock (ice or matte black), or a few other styles! ERB, KleenGuard, Honeywell, Radnor 7/31/21
No One Else Measures Up This flyer features the Lufkin ShockForce Nite Eye along with a wide variety of other tape measures! The Lufkin ShockForce Nite Eye features an easy-to-read black blade with hi-viz numbers, double sided-blade, plus other features that help it stand out from other tapes. Lufkin, Stanley 7/31/21
New Ecco Flyer This flyer features new & innovative lights from Ecco! The ED3040 and ED3060 series lights feature a Reverse (white) and Warning (amber) light in the center of the Stop / Turn / Tail (red) light; the ED3794 can flex to mount on curved surfaces up to 120 degrees; and the EW2602 worklight features a 40 degree down-angle to illuminate the area around trucks or trailers! Ecco 8/31/21
2021 Summer Flyer This "16-page" flyer contains over 650 item numbers! Categories featured include Cleaning Products, A/C Products, Warning & Lighting, Vocational Parts, Truck Suspension, Stylish Products, Industrial Supplies, Safety Apparel, and Fenders & Mudflaps! Over 50 of our top suppliers! 8/31/21
2021 Utility Trailer Flyer This "4-page" flyer contains over 250 item numbers! Categories featured include Axle Components, Electrical, Essentials, Cargo Control and Towing Accessories! Over 10 of our top suppliers! 8/31/21
All New Mini Assortments! This flyer features 3 NEW mini assortments that include automotive mini bulbs, low-profile ATM fuses, and ATR fuses as well as special pricing on some of our other popular mini assortments! CTP / HSC 9/30/21
Oil Flyer The flyer features special pricing on CK-4 15W-40 Oil from Shell, Mobil, Chevron and Reliant! The back of the flyer features 10W-30 oil as well as gear oil, hydraulic oil, and transmission fluid. Quantity price breaks for gallons are by the case (3 or 4 gallons, depending on the brand - indicated on the flyer) and by the pail (each). Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Reliant, American Refining Group While Supplies Last!
Quarter Fender Flyer This flyer features the Tramec Sloan Fleet Engineers AeroSlipper quarter fender set with FREE top flaps! Tramec Sloan Fleet Engineers While Supplies Last!
Fontaine Flyer This flyer features HUGE savings on limited quantities of the Fontaine No-Slack 7000 and 6000 series 5th Wheels, Repair and Rebuild kits, and other necessities for taking care of your 5th wheel! Fontaine, East Iowa Plastics, Permatex, Lucas While Supplies Last!
Fast Orange Hand Cleaner This flyer features special pricing on Fast Orange Smooth Hand Cleaner, Fast Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner, Xtreme Cherry Professional Hand Cleaner, a wood block nail brush, and a plastic hand & nail brush! Fast Orange, Osborn, ATD While Supplies Last!
Permatex RC Car Prepack This flyer features the Permatex RC Car Prepack! This prepack includes the all new Orange Threadlocker, Blue Threadlocker, The Right Stuff Gasket Maker Cartridges, a short caulking gun, and a free Permatex RC Car. Supplies are limited! Permatex While Supplies Last!
SVL Closeout Flyer This flyer features closeout pricing on the line of SVL U-Joints and Center Bearings! SVL While Supplies Last!
Grote Promo Pack Flyer This flyer features 3 different promo packs from Grote that include a FREE tool! Choose one, or all three! There are also some popular heat shrink terminals and connectors with special pricing, as well as a torch and butane fuel! Grote While Supplies Last!

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